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Managed Marketing
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Managed Marketing is like hiring your own personal marketing team that will get to know your business and grow your solution. 

Client Avatar

We assist you in creating a client avatar of the perfect customer. You need to keep this fictitious  person in the back of your mind any time you write copy for your website or advertising.

User Friendly

We make sure your website is user friendly and mobile friendly. This is ideally Google’s standards and essential in organic SEO success. 

Competitor Research

We become a detective for a bit in search of your competitors. Doing some work to uncover the methods they are using to gain new leads and business can in invaluable to your business. 

Marketing Plan

Just like business plans, marketing plans are often avoided. This is one of the very first tasks we accomplish in the first month of working with us. We want to ensure to plan, create goals, and a roadmap on how to achieve these goals. 

Editorial Calendar

Along with the Marketing Plan, we also work on the creation of an editorial calendar. Her we will plan all of our campaigns and goal milestones to track progress and say on task. 

Marketing Funnels

Planned sales funnels are essential to planning the roadmap for each goal, in addition to developing a smooth path for each customer to experience. These help strengthen trust and and loyalty with your market.


Project scope



Marketing and SEO is in constant demand to allow a business to grow and succeed.

We know that not every business has a budget to have a marketing team. That’s why we start small and grow your plan as your Return on Investment grows.

How it Works

We meet you where you are at in your marketing efforts. As soon as you become my client, I perform a website and marketing analysis on your current website. I look for usability, mobility, and visual appeal. I also look at your on-page, off-page and technical SEO.

Next we create a client avatar and marketing plan focused on your goals. We create an Editorial Calendar to begin planning and prepping our goals and due dates for each of these goals.

Last, we work through this roadmap, tracking progress and results. We ensure our plan is working by measuring your analytics, engagement and conversions.

We repeat this process monthly until we have received your desired results on each campaign.

Devoted to Your Needs

Each business has its own unique goals and needs. We are here to build your marketing plan based on your target market and competitive market. From here we create goals with actionable steps for each month.

Each month we will work together to improve your marketing campaigns and reach. Each step of the process is done in a certain order to bring you the fastest growth.

We Believe in the Mixed Marketing Approach

Trust me when I say, you will not reach fame and fortune by putting all of your eggs in one basket. In other words, if you focus all of your effort on one marketing outlet, such as Facebook; you will not fully benefit from the full power of marketing.

When you diversify your time and effort on different media outlets and sources, you are reaching a wider audience. We also don’t scatter our focus everywhere, but on a few different outlets at a time to fully take advantage of dominating those markets.

We couple this approach with in-depth organic SEO. Organic SEO can take up to 6 months to really take off. Even though this is a slow process, every part of it is fruitful when done properly. Organic SEO and paid advertising together brings a powerful punch to climb the Google ladder.

We Take Away the Risk of Doing Marketing with Us

How do you know that the marketing you are investing so much of your money into is even worth it? I hear these comments often. These often come out of the uncertain end of marketing, the testing phase.

To help take away some of the risk and fear as a consumer, I am completely transparent with your numbers and what we are doing to increase your key numbers to align with your goals monthly.

Marketing is after all, continually working on your efforts one small leap at a time to make great progress.

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“Chrystal is completely knowledgeable in her field and ready to serve each client with excellence. Her knowledge of SEO for optimal organic reach is superb as her mastery of completely custom websites.”

Tiffany J.